Kohen W. Bauer

I am an enthusiastic earth scientist with particular interests in biogeochemistry and oceanography. The University of British Columbia is a spectacular place to study marine systems. My Ph.D. research focuses on elucidating the evolution of oxygen in the atmosphere and oceans using the chromium isotope proxy. I link geochemical observations of rocks, sediments and seawater with conceptual computer models to track the redox evolution of our planet’s environments across multiple geologic timescales.


Ph.D. Candidate

Current Thesis Topic

Improving the utility of the chromium isotope proxy: implications for the evolution of oxygen on our planet.


  • Analyzing trace metal concentration in hydrothermal sediments from the East Pacific Rise.
  • Modeling Banded Iron Formations in the Archean Ocean.
  • Measuring the chromium speciation and isotopic composition of the Fraser River Estuary.
  • Tracking the redox evolution of Ocean Anoxic Events using chromium isotopes.
  • Monitoring chromium isotope fractionation during oxidative weathering. 
  • Measuring trace metal isotopes in Indonesian lake sediments to learn about climate evolution of the Indo-Pacific warm pool.


(September 2014 – Present)
University of British Columbia, Vancouver, British Columbia.
Ph.D. Candidate in the Department of Earth Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences.

(September 2012 – September 2013)
University of Toronto, Toronto, Ontario.                                                                        
Degree conferred: M.Sc Earth Science, Carbon Cycling and Geochemical Modeling.

(September 2007 - May 2011)
Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario.                                                                                     
Degree conferred: B.Sc. Hons. Geology